Space Set-up & Singer-Musician Rehearsal at 10:00am Sunday

Fellowship (Coffee, OJ & Lite Refreshments) at 10:30am Sunday

Worship at 11:00am Sunday 

Individual Matters

Because God has created each individual with unique gifts for the building up of the body of Christ and community, and because a Christ-follower's personal response to God is in community, Individual Matters is a core principle of the M2M Charlotte community. It is imperative that every individual regardless of race, creed, orientation or economic status be welcomed and affirmed and provided opportunities to share their gifts and participate in the life of the community. The community will encourage every person to take what they need and to give what they can. All will be valued; all will belong and all will be part of the work. God has created each of us with unique gifts. In community we will discover those gifts, encourage those gifts, celebrate those gifts and make room for those gifts.