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..:: M2M Charlotte ::..


Space Set-up & Singer-Musician Rehearsal at 10:00am Sunday

Fellowship (Coffee, OJ & Lite Refreshments) at 10:30am Sunday

Worship at 11:00am Sunday 

Matters to Mission

Knowing that the church does not have missions, rather that it is the mission of God that creates the church, we joyfully respond to and participate in the Mission of God on earth by engaging these 7 Matters as our core principles:


Because God has created each individual with unique gifts for the building up of the body of Christ and community, and because a Christ-follower's personal response to God is in community, Individual Matters is a core principle of the M2M Charlotte community. It is imperative that every individual regardless of race, creed, orientation or economic status be welcomed and affirmed and provided opportunities to share their gifts and participate in the life of the community. The community wil...

God desires to hold God's people in covenant embrace. God is not "up there" or "out there" somewhere, but in the very ground of our being. God desires to know and tobe known. Human beings are created in God's image and also carries those self same desires. Because of these truths, relationship is a core principle of the M2M Charlotte community. "To know and be known" is missional at its core. In order to be missional the community will strive to "be ...

With Jesus Christ as the object of our faith, corporate worship will be the anchor to which all matters of response and participation are tethered. Because worship is an essential part of our relationship with God and is manifest in our corporate and personal lives, worship and all that it entails is a core principle of the community. The chief end of human beings is to glorify God and enjoy God forever; creating an environment that promotes and fosters what is important.

In words of William Placher, "If God becomes human in this way, (incarnation), then that tells us something about how we might seek our own fullest humanity - not in quest of power and wealth and fame but in service, solidarity with the despised and rejected, and the willingness to be vulnerable in love." Service is a core principle of the M2M Charlotte community; therefore Service Matters. Scriptures shows us that the disciples were empowered by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to...

Because the process of learning to live like Jesus; being shaped into the image of Christ in order to participate in the Mission of God on earth is vital to the health and well-being of the church, discipleship is a core principle of the community. Following Christ is understood to be an act of studying his teachings, grasping the relevance of his teachings for our lives individually and communally; discerning together how to live like Christ and being shaped into the image of Christ. Togethe...

Because injustice breaks God's heart, justice is the order God sets in human life for fair and honest dealing and for giving rights to those who have no power to claim rights for themselves. To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly is at the core of our calling; justice matters. The Biblical vision of doing justice calls for a) dealing honestly in personal and public business, b) exercising power for the common good, c) support people who seek the dignity, freedom and respect that they h...

Because answering God's call to lives of simplicity, generosity, honesty, hospitality, compassion, receptivity and concern for the earth and God's creatures is an act of stewardship, stewardship is a core principle of the community. Faithful stewardship is an act of spiritual formation and worship and as such is integral to the life of the individual and the covenant community.